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Delegate your entire crypto accounting to an expert and forget about it

For those looking to delegate their accounting to an expert, our Crypto Accounting Service is the perfect turnkey solution for peaceful nights and worry-free management.

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Why should I rely on a crypto accountant?

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An expert to entrust all your accounting needs

Linking your platforms, importing transactions, uploading any CSV files, inputting manual transactions, ensuring everything is in order: a task that, even if automated, can require time and specific expertise.

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100% assurance of compliance with new laws

The new "Crypto Law" has arrived and has clearly stated that tax reporting must be done by the taxpayer: the Crypto Accountant is the ideal person to delegate this complex task to.

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Incomplete or hard-to-retrieve data from sources

Sometimes platforms do not provide all the data and it needs to be retrieved manually. The crypto accountant knows exactly how to do this and how to correctly upload CSV files for you.