The Crypto Accounting Service: Your Worry-Free Solution

CryptoBooks’ Crypto Accounting Service provides you with a reliable and experienced crypto accountant whom you can fully delegate the accounting of your cryptocurrency transactions to.

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Why should I rely on a crypto accountant?

An expert to entrust your entire accounting to

Connecting your platforms, importing transactions, uploading CSV files, entering manual transactions, and ensuring everything is in order can be a time-consuming and specialized task, even with automation. That’s where a crypto accountant comes in.

Compliance with the latest tax regulations

Tax regulations and reporting requirements for cryptocurrencies can be complex and ever-changing. Your crypto accountant ensures that your transactions are accurately recorded and compliant with the relevant tax laws.

Incomplete or hard-to-retrieve data from sources

Sometimes platforms do not provide all the data, and it is necessary to retrieve it manually. The crypto accountant knows exactly how to do it and how to correctly upload the CSV files for you, to provide you with the most accurate tax reporting

Your Hassle-Free Crypto Accounting

Rely on an experienced crypto accountant and stop worrying

For those who want to avoid calculations, reports, and data management and prefer to delegate everything to an expert, there is the Crypto Accounting Service: the ideal turnkey solution when you want to fully entrust your accounting.

By using CryptoBooks, the crypto accountant will handle all the work for you, retrieving the necessary data to input into the software (via API integration or CSV file uploads) and reviewing all your accounts to ensure their accuracy.

How does the Crypto Accounting Service work?

A Crypto Accounting Expert at your full disposal

An experienced crypto accountant who will handle all the work on CryptoBooks for you, ensuring accuracy and speed to produce the best possible tax reports.

Clear, simple, and tailored pricing for you

The pricing depends on the number of transactions to be accounted for and the number of external platforms connected to retrieve data: total transparency and no surprises!

The security of achieving the best possible outcome

The field of crypto taxation is new and there are very few in UK who can perform this delicate role: don’t miss this unique opportunity to get the best possible reports for your cryptocurrency transactions.

They say about us

The combination of the CryptoBooks software and the expertise of the crypto accountant has truly enhanced my crypto accounting experience. I feel confident knowing that my financial records are in the hands of a knowledgeable professional.

Phil White

Crypto Investor since 2017

Accounting is not my strong suit. CryptoBooks is user-friendly, but to be completely honest, I preferred leaving everything to the crypto accountant, who did an excellent job. I didn’t have to worry about a thing anymore!

Matthew Brian

Crypto Investor since 2019

My exchange – I won’t mention names, but it’s for the best – doesn’t provide all the correct data to CryptoBooks, and I didn’t know how to retrieve them without spending hours and hours. The crypto accountant took care of it for me. Very good.

Frederic Rougettes

Crypto Investor since 2020

I needed peace of mind because the anxiety of dealing with tax matters was overwhelming. Thanks to CryptoBooks, I achieved that peace of mind, saving a significant amount of taxes. I am extremely satisfied!

Marc Spencer

Crypto Investor since 2019


The Exclusive Service for CryptoBooks Clients

The Crypto Accounting Service is exclusively available to CryptoBooks clients. The cost of the service varies based on the number of transactions to be accounted for and the number of platforms from which data needs to be retrieved.


Exclusive Service! Only 10 spots available

Our expert accountants can handle a limited number of clients to provide the perfect service. Therefore, the spots are extremely limited.

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✅ Dedicated expert accountant at your service

✅ Tailored pricing for your specific situation

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