Crypto Tax Reporting Software

Account your crypto, download your reports and comply with local tax laws

Connect all your wallets and exchanges in a single solution to keep all your cryptocurrencies under control, account them according to International Financial Reporting Standards and comply with your local laws and tax regulations.

CryptoBooks reports exchanges wallets
How it works

Track your crypto and download your tax report

Connect your exchange, wallet, and CeFi account: we’ll automatically generate all of the reports you need, such as capital gain, gains, commissions, and more. 
Connect your wallet and exchanges
Import your transactions
Download your reports

Let's develop together the best Crypto Tax Reporting Software ever seen

You can preview the software, have your say, and help us develop it based on your feedback thanks to CryptoBooks Open Beta testing. A total of 2000 people may register.

portfolio tracker

Keep track of your cryptocurrencies and earnings over time

The wallet tracker gives you a real-time overview of your balances and how your cryptos are performing.

Keep track of the value of each cryptocurrency you own across all of your exchanges and wallets.

Check the evolution of your portfolio using CryptoBooks’ dashboard.

View your portafoglio’s performance indicators over time. Know how much your coins or token have appreciated or depreciated in the last 24 hours, year, or whatever time frame you prefer.


Import your transactions from wallets and exchanges

Connect your exchanges via read-only API, use your public address to connect your blockchain wallets or upload CSVs of platforms not yet supported.

tax report

Protect yourself with 6 reports to support your tax declarations

Declaring cryptocurrencies is not enough, you need evidence to support your declaration or the risk is to be caught unprepared in case of a tax assesment.

For this reason, CryptoBooks generates 6 reports that allow you to answer any question about your operations and how it has been accounted and reported.

Capital Gain
Note to the
T-Accounts view

Eliminate the possibility of mistakes with the calculation method that has been used for centuries

CryptoBooks automates calculations by applying the double-entry method to cryptocurrency accounting, thus giving its customers certain and secure tax reports.

Thanks to the t-account dashboard, your calculations will be verifiable in every aspect. No one will be able to question them. 

Crypto transactions have little in common with those of traditional finance. CryptoBooks was created specifically to manage all those unique transactions of the blockchain world such as swaps, pools, lending, borrowing and much more!

Different legislations require different methods of calculation. Applying them correctly to DeFi and crypto in general without the right tool can be a real headache. This is why CryptoBooks is your greatest ally in avoiding hours and hours of calculations and human errors.

We make the reports, your accountant the statement

Work with your accountant

CrytpoBooks, thanks to its dashboards and reports, allows you to do all the accounting independently without having to give keys and private and access to your wallets to anyone. Once you have generated your reports, all you have to do is send everything to your accountant, who will decide with you the best tax strategy.

Multi-role account management

Manage multiple profiles from your account

You can manage multiple versions of your accounting on each profile to make different assumptions of declaration with your accountant, or use the other profiles to generate the tax reports of your family members.

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CryptoBooks is currently in Open Beta testing.

After a first phase dedicated exclusively to community members who collaborated with us to improve the software, CryptoBooks is now available in public beta, open to anyone who wishes to participate, up to a maximum of 2000 people.

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