The most accurate calculations for taxes on your crypto

CryptoBooks is the software that provides you with the most accurate tax reports on your cryptocurrencies.

How does it work

Track your cryptocurrencies and download your tax reports

Connect your exchanges, wallets, CeFi accounts: CryptoBooks automatically creates all the reports you need, such as on your capital gains, on your inventory, on your fees and more.
You will have all the data for your tax declaration and receive documentation that is audit-proof.

Import your transactions from wallets and exchanges.

Connect to your exchanges via read-only API, use your public address to link your blockchain wallets, or upload CSV files from platforms that are not yet supported.


CryptoBooks automatically detects any error

Other software miscalculates the taxes you owe on your cryptocurrencies because they do not detect missing transactions that exchanges do not provide. Paying less than the due taxes is illegal, while paying more means wasting your money.

CryptoBooks is the only software of its kind that finds errors and allows you to fix them immediately!

Thanks to the supported exchange APIs, your cryptocurrency balances are always up to date.

CryptoBooks notifies you when there is an error in the source of your data that needs to be fixed and, with your approval, can automatically correct it.

You can also choose to manually enter a transaction to resolve the discrepancy or upload your CSV files from the platforms you have used.

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Collect your crypto transactions, streamline your accounting and effortlessly download your tax reports.

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CryptoBooks is updated to the latest cryptocurrency tax regulations.

The recent Financial Act of 2023 has introduced a series of rules for cryptocurrency holders, representing a crucial step towards the regulation of the sector.

Two measures have also been introduced to facilitate the regularization process: the so-called “Crypto Amnesty” on one hand, and the opportunity to revaluate one’s digital assets on the other.

tax reports

CryptoBooks provides you with the 6 tax reports you need

It’s not enough to simply declare your cryptocurrencies: you also need supporting evidence for your declaration, or else you risk being unprepared in the event of a tax audit.

That’s why CryptoBooks generates 6 accurate reports that allow you to answer any questions about your operations and how they have been accounted for.

List of
Capital Gains

Eliminate the risk of errors thanks to the globally recognized accounting standards

CryptoBooks automates calculations by applying the double-entry method to cryptocurrency accounting, providing you with reliable and secure tax reports.

Thanks to the detailed dashboards, your calculations will be verifiable in every aspect. No one will be able to question them.

Crypto transactions have little in common with traditional finance. CryptoBooks is specifically designed to handle all the unique transactions in the blockchain world, such as swaps, pools, lending, borrowing, and much more!

The LIFO method can be complex even when applied to traditional financial assets. Applying it to DeFi and cryptocurrencies in general without the right tool is nearly impossible. That’s why CryptoBooks is your greatest ally, saving you from spending hours on calculations and preventing inevitable calculation errors.

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