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CryptoBooks integrates with +500 different sources, including wallets, exchanges, CeFi and DeFi platforms, and crypto communities. 100% secure, without private keys.

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Custom connections

Create a custom connection. Choose the name, parameters, and import transactions via CSV.

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Manual transactions

If you need to add a single transaction, you can easily do it manually with the guided procedure.

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New connections are released every week: suggest the next one to the CryptoBooks team!

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Franca M.


The reports from CryptoBooks allowed me to fill out my tax return very easily. Fantastic

Testimonial Male 4.png

George B.


I completed my tax return with CryptoBooks reports. No need to say anything else.

Testimonial Female 4.png

Frances R.


5 stars because I managed to fill out my tax return just 2 days before the January 31 deadline thanks to CryptoBooks. I just had to connect my platforms, address the discrepancies indicated by the software, download the report, and copy the data written there.

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Matthew G.


Excellent, clear, simple, but above all, correct reports! Finally, a reliable product!

Testimonial Male 3.png

Paul M.


Fantastic guys at CryptoBooks, what can I say... the reports I downloaded are accurate, easy to read. I shared them with my accountant, and he asked for this software for other clients with crypto because he had never seen such good ones before. In short, highly recommended!

Testimonial Male 11-small.png

Frederick R.


I like to write reviews, especially when I'm satisfied with a product. The process involves several steps, it would take me a bit too long to write out all the details, but everything goes smoothly, and in summary, it's like this: thanks to an interface that guides you well and is simple, you connect the platforms, resolve the errors that are reported, check everything, and download the reports (they arrive via email, great: sending them to my accountant literally took 2 clicks) and the game is really done. What can I say, truly top-notch.

Why CryptoBooks?

Check full circle icon+500 wallets or exchanges integrable

Check full circle iconCompliant with the UK law

Check full circle iconThe most accurate reports on the market

Check full circle iconChat support always available

If you have questions, we have answers

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What do "Connection" and "Integration" mean at CryptoBooks?

When we talk about "Connections" and "Integrations" in CryptoBooks, we mean the possibility of connecting a platform you use, a wallet, or even your public address on a specific blockchain to our software. Once the connection is made, CryptoBooks automatically imports cryptocurrency transactions made on that platform/wallet/blockchain. Then, it reconciles them with those already imported to recreate the history of your crypto movements and generate the necessary tax reports.

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So how do I connect one of my platforms to CryptoBooks?

There are various ways: You can directly connect CryptoBooks and the platform using a connection type called API - APIs allow the two software to "talk" and exchange data, somewhat like being continuously connected via a virtual cable. The other main option is to upload transactions made on a certain platform in CSV format: download the transaction file from your exchange and import it as is into CryptoBooks. In the future, you can upload other transaction files to keep your CryptoBooks up to date. If you want to connect a public address from a specific blockchain to import all transactions related to it, it's straightforward with CryptoBooks! We support a large number of blockchains. You can also import data provided by your wallet connected to a specific blockchain. If you have already imported data from that blockchain, don't worry: CryptoBooks detects any duplicate transactions, alerts you, and proceeds to eliminate the excess ones. Finally, you can import all the transactions you prefer by formatting them according to the CryptoBooks template: the best solution when the platform/wallet/blockchain you want to import is not yet among those supported and integrated into CryptoBooks.

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Are connections secure?

100%! API connections are always and only read-only; even if you accidentally provide us with a non read-only API key, CryptoBooks never proceeds to "operate" but always and only to "read." Furthermore, we have implemented a series of security measures and protocols to ensure that your data and connections to CryptoBooks are safer than ever.

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Once a platform is connected to CryptoBooks, does it automatically update when I make new transactions?

Yes, new transactions are automatically entered into CryptoBooks from connected platforms if they are connected via API. If you have entered them via a CSV file, the advice is to download a new CSV file and import it into the software periodically to keep your crypto portfolio up to date!

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How can I verify that transactions from a certain connected platform have been correctly imported?

Once transactions from a certain source are imported, you can access all transactions from that source on CryptoBooks and verify that they are correct. If there are many, don't worry: CryptoBooks, thanks to sophisticated algorithms, understands when something is wrong and sends you a notice, suggesting the best way to resolve any issues!

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Can I connect both platforms such as exchanges like Binance and Coinbase, and wallets like Metamask? What if I have a hardware wallet?

You can connect both CeFi exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, Bybit, etc., and DeFi wallets like Metamask, desktop wallets like Exodus and Electrum, CeFi wallets like those of Binance or Coinbase, and hardware wallets like Trezor and Ledger.

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And if I want to connect my public address on a specific blockchain?

You can connect all public addresses on all blockchains you have used, as long as they are integrated into CryptoBooks. And if you have already connected wallets from that blockchain, don't worry: CryptoBooks reads any duplicate transactions, alerts you if necessary, and proceeds to eliminate them.

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