Discover the features of CryptoBooks

CryptoBooks is simple yet comprehensive, designed for crypto owners like you, providing all the necessary functionalities to:

  1. track all your crypto transactions
  2. account your transactions automatically and accurately
  3. download the necessary tax reports for income declaration.
You don't need to be an expert

A software designed for cryptocurrency owners.

CryptoBooks is a software designed for individuals who simply own cryptocurrencies, without requiring specific accounting or blockchain knowledge.

Thanks to its user-friendly dashboards and intuitive reports, CryptoBooks allows you to independently manage all your accounting needs without having to share private keys or wallet access with anyone.

Once you generate your reports, all you need to do is send them to your accountant, who will work with you to determine the best tax strategy, or you can directly fill out your tax declaration yourself.

The six reports

All reports to stay compliant with tax authorities

CryptoBooks allows you to download six accounting reports for your cryptocurrencies. These reports provide accurate, easily readable, and financially precise information about your cryptocurrency transactions.

The six reports cover every use case scenario. Once downloaded, you will have all the necessary data for your income declaration, giving you peace of mind when it comes to tax compliance.


Transaction List

The report on your transactions includes all the movements you have made in cryptocurrencies, for the time period of your choice.

Capital Gains Report

The capital gains report provides a year-by-year breakdown of the profits or losses you have made.

Income Report

If you have received cryptocurrencies for work-related activities or as revenue generated from sales, this report will accurately list them.

Balance Report

The balance report provides a clear and straightforward view of your cryptocurrency holdings at the date of your choice. It calculates the balances based on the acquisition cost and/or market value

Fees Report

This report compiles a list of additional charges and costs incurred, linking them to each transaction.

Supplementary Note

The supplementary note provides an explanation of the algorithm used, the use case, and how the calculation of declared values and taxes has been interpreted.

Transaction List

All your transactions at a glance

CryptoBooks is straightforward and easy right from the dashboard, which displays the transaction list. You can sort and examine the details of each transaction as you prefer.

You can view the complete list or filter it based on the chosen token and sort the view according to the most useful filters, providing a comprehensive, clear, and simple overview of all the transactions reported by CryptoBooks.

Here are all the details about the transaction list:

Automatic Detection of Discrepancies

If there are errors, CryptoBooks will find them

Many software solutions struggle to accurately calculate taxes owed on cryptocurrencies due to their inability to detect missing transactions not provided by exchanges. It is crucial to comply with tax regulations and pay the correct amount of taxes: paying less than what is owed is illegal, while paying more means wasting your money.

CryptoBooks stands out from other software because it can identify errors in tax calculations and provides you with the opportunity to correct them immediately!

The error management system in CryptoBooks guides you step by step, allowing you to address the identified errors. It also enables you to upload missing transactions through a CSV file.

Whether it’s rounding discrepancies, disregarding tokens that are not relevant for accounting purposes, or missing conversion rates, CryptoBooks always provides the best solution.

CryptoBooks allows for automated resolution of any discrepancies, with the user’s consent. This ensures accurate calculations and perfectly balanced accounts.

Detection of Internal Transfers

Managing internal transfers for accurate capital gains calculation

Internal transfers refer to simple movements of funds between your own sources (e.g., from one wallet to another wallet or from your wallet to an exchange) and do not represent fund withdrawals. However, it is crucial to consider these internal transfers in order to accurately record transactions and calculate capital gains and balances.

CryptoBooks automatically identifies these internal transfers, allowing you to indicate the correct amount in your income declaration. This helps you avoid overpaying taxes, ensuring that you only pay what is required!

Reporting Spam Tokens and Frauds

Your Accounting Cleansed from Unwanted Transactions and Frauds

It may have happened to you as well: receiving “spam” tokens or even holding tokens resulting from fraudulent activities. These cases need to be treated separately, both in terms of accounting and taxation, to ensure accurate and correct reports.

CryptoBooks automatically flags spam tokens and allows you to indicate fraudulent activities. This is a crucial feature to avoid overpaying taxes.

By eliminating insignificant amounts from your accounts that are incorrect or the result of fraudulent activities, you can ensure accurate calculations and prevent overestimating your gains. This ensures a clean and accurate accounting of your cryptocurrency holdings.

Spam tokens can clutter your CryptoBooks accounting and views, making them harder to read and compromising the reliability of reports. CryptoBooks detects spam tokens and allows you to confirm their categorization as “spam.”

If you have fallen victim to fraud, you may have incurred losses that can be accounted for and presented to tax authorities. CryptoBooks enables you to indicate any fraudulent activities, excluding them from your declaration calculations.

It is common to find unwanted tokens in your wallet from airdrop operations, often for commercial and promotional purposes.

Similar to spam tokens, CryptoBooks allows you to remove them from your views and calculations, ensuring clean and accurate reporting.


One subscription, 5 separate profiles

Managing accounting can involve multiple family members, which is why we have introduced the option to have multiple profiles, each distinct and autonomous, under a single account and subscription plan.

Each of the 5 available profiles can connect their own CeFi and DeFi platforms and have their own reports.

This feature is exclusive to subscribers of the Trader Plus plan.

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